ViRa Aidas Panzerholz MC Cartridge premium
Preliminary Announcement – Final review will follow Now that the summer is behind us, the days are getting ever shorter in the Netherlands. Especially when it’s dark, rainy and windy outside, I get that craving for playing LPs. In times like these it seems that I need the extra emotional charge that analog records seem […]
1 October 2017
XFi 2017 Show Report premium
I really have no excuse for not having done a show report of Xfi before, but rest assured that this installment marks the start of a yearly recurring series!
26 August 2017
Current Secondary HFA Audio Setup premium
The all new secondary listening room spans the entire width of the appartment. The components in it can change at any time - that's precisely the point of this system: to be able to change anything for review purposes without having to tear apart my main system.
HFA Audio Setup History 26 – Speakers So Far – Aug 2017 premium
If all my experiments over the years have tought me one thing then it is that amplifier and speaker performance is highly relative.
24 August 2017
HFA Audio Setup History 25 – New Secondary System – Aug 2017 premium
After the halfway-there secondary listening rooms and the media room set ups, now I finally have a secondary listening room that spans the entire width of the appartment.
SW1X DAC 2 premium
Sweetly seductive and lively dynamic in equal measure Review sample kindly supplied by SW1X Audio Retail price: £2500 (approx 2725 euro) For review this time I had no less than 3 DACs from the same manufacturer. SW1X take unique approaches to achieve great sound, and instead of sticking with any one solution, they seek the […]
SW1X DAC 1 premium
Highly communicative, lively and enthusiastic performer.
Antipodes DS Base Music Server premium
After having reviewed the costly Antipodes DX and proclaiming it my new reference, here is a product of the same manufacturer, but at the other end of the cost scale. At 1995 euro, it is far removed from the DX' lofty 6000+ price, but does it offer comparable sound quality? Read on to find out!
Bricasti M5 network player premium
The Perfect Roon Ready Streaming Endpoint.
Black Rhodium Stream Power premium
Power cables are often placed in one of two camps: warm and relaxed or fast and clean. The Stream manages to combine a silky smooth sound with excellent speed and transparency.
26 July 2017
HFA Audio Setup History 24 – Breaking down walls (and building others) – July 2017 premium
After the troubles with room modes that I could not get sorted I reverted to using the secondary room as a media room again. After all, I spent most of my time behind the computer so I might as well dedicate an entire room to that, with an optimized audio monitoring system, right?
Antipodes DX Music Server premium
Ones and zeros are not just ones and zeros and music servers are not all created equal
Apogee Duetta Signature (part 4) premium
Duetta Signature using Graz’ latest KLM5 MRTW ribbons with new interfaces and wired returns Part 4 of 4 Page 1 – Page 2 – Page 3 – Page 4 In speaking with Graz about my experiences with the original and refurbished Duettas, he suggested I install new MRTW ribbons, not only because the KLM5’s are hugely improved […]
Bricasti M1 Classic premium
The M1 throws a superb balance between technical excellence, emotional engagement and refinement.
Esoteric D-07 premium
The Esoteric presents music with real gusto: theres a bold and focused power to its delivery, making for a very solid and upbeat sound not unlike the typical Wadia delivery.
26 May 2017
HFA Audio Setup History 23 – Temporary third setup – February 2017 premium
I guess I just like being busy and keep experimenting. Oh and these speakers do sound fantastic, so it is a waste never to connect them up!
22 May 2017
Munich High End 2017 Show Report premium
The Munich High End Exhibition is positively huge: there's so much to see that one really should take two days to properly see and hear everything.
Oyaide C-037, C-046, C-079 and C-004 IEC Connectors premium
With each of the four IEC connectors having its own distinctive character, there is bound to be a suitable model for every application.