15 December 2017
Chattelin Audio Systems Master of Sound event 2 premium
5.1 Demo by Bert van der Wolf of Spirit of Turtle Alas, I could not attend this December 9 Demo. I much would have liked to as I know from the previous event how much fun it is, and also I am a huge fan of the Vivid speakers that were used. In order to […]
13 December 2017
Ayre VX-5 Twenty premium
The VX-5 Twenty is a beauty to look at and it delivers the most refined sound that I have heard from any solid state amplifier so far.
Wilson Sabrina premium
Shapely and compact, the latest Wilsons are a visual treat and sound way bigger than their small dimensions would suggest.
Aurum Cantus V30 M premium
Lots of quality in a small and very attractive package that is priced very reasonably.
25 November 2017
Master of Sound event at Chattelin Audio Systems premium
Located in Den Haag (the Hague), Chattelin is one of the few upscale audio stores of the Netherlands. Besides selling audio equipment, they also organize very interesting shows under the moniker Master Of Sound. For this session Peter and Ben had invited Sander van der Heide, Mastering Engineer for the Wisseloord Studio's.
22 November 2017
Reference Sounds premium
Official Benelux Distributor of Mark Levinson, Revel, JBL Synthesis, Lexicon, Ayre Acoustics, Wilson Audio and Transparent Cable
Pass XP-17 Phono Preamplifier premium
Quite simply is the best phono stage that I have heard so far
Mad Scientist BlackPod Nanotech premium
Excellent Universally Applicable Footers
Mad Scientist Heretical USB premium
If there is any doubt that USB cables can make a difference then try the Heretical USB!
Mad Scientist FCG+ Interlinks premium
Quite simply the FCG+, and I assume the more basic models just as much, are a must-hear
Origin Live Onyx Tonearm premium
A superb match with Thorens TD-160
ViRa Aidas Panzerholz MC Cartridge premium
Powerful and dynamic with incredible transient behaviour
1 October 2017
XFi 2017 Show Report premium
I really have no excuse for not having done a show report of Xfi before, but rest assured that this installment marks the start of a yearly recurring series!
26 August 2017
Current Secondary HFA Audio Setup premium
The all new secondary listening room spans the entire width of the appartment. The components in it can change at any time - that's precisely the point of this system: to be able to change anything for review purposes without having to tear apart my main system.
HFA Audio Setup History 26 – Speakers So Far – Aug 2017 premium
If all my experiments over the years have tought me one thing then it is that amplifier and speaker performance is highly relative.
24 August 2017
HFA Audio Setup History 25 – New Secondary System – Aug 2017 premium
After the halfway-there secondary listening rooms and the media room set ups, now I finally have a secondary listening room that spans the entire width of the appartment.
SW1X DAC 2 premium
For review this time I had no less than 3 DACs from the same manufacturer. SW1X take unique approaches to achieve great sound, and instead of sticking with any one solution, they seek the best balance for every model.
SW1X DAC 1 premium
Highly communicative, lively and enthusiastic performer.