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27 September 2018
This cable offers a unique combination of technical accuracy and sonorous, full-bodied, natural and organic sound.
27 April 2014
Genelec 8050 and Wadia 121 with a Computer Source in the secondary setup.
26 October 2010
Mac compared to PC, two iTunes sound enhancements and a range of DA-converters and USB interfaces
25 July 2010
This may be hard to believe but the type of drive also has an influence on the sound.
21 December 2009
The possibilities are endless and may make the beginning audiophile or musiclover unsure about the next step to take
16 June 2009
Introducing the Weiss Dac2 Firewire Interface and DAC.
8 May 2009
Computer audio files exist in many forms which differ in quality, but it also matters which application is used to create them and play them back with. Sounds incredible? Read on!
16 December 2008
How to get high quality audio in and out of your PC, USB versus Firewire and some more background info
10 February 2019
Not another me-too cable!
26 July 2017
After the troubles with room modes that I could not get sorted I reverted to using the secondary room as a media room again. After all, I spent most of my time behind the computer so I might as well dedicate an entire room to that, with an optimized audio monitoring system, right?
17 April 2017
This setup is based around a pair of Genelec 8050 active speakers and an Exogal Comet DAC. Source is my regular computer, on which I also maintain this website. The room is practically stuffed with bass traps, necessary because of a very persistent room mode. This very room mode made me want to give up […]
6 March 2017
This Directstream combo delivers new benchmark setting performance!
22 January 2017
Affordable Jack of all Trades with a detailed and refined sound.
24 December 2016
The Euphony Audio Transport works brilliantly and sounds fantastic no matter which player software option you choose.
20 October 2016
Interesting plug and play USB tweak
7 February 2016
This system's sound was surprisingly good considering that the speakers are so close to the rear wall and the listening seat is pretty close to the speakers.
26 July 2015
Wadia 121 connected to the PC using a KingRex uART USB cable, and standard DAP XLR cables (experiments will surely follow…) to the active Genelec 8050 monitors. On these photos the room seems narrow, but it is actually 4 meters wide, and 7 meters deep. Wadia 121 – used as the hub of this system: […]