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Digital Classics
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Turntables Compared - Linear vs Pivot
Technics SL1210, Technics SL-7, Pioneer SL-L1000, Yamaha PX-2, Avid Volvere, Linn LP12, Thorens TD160MKII
dCS P8 SACD player
The first all in one product from dCS: transport, upsampler and DAC
GiK 244 Bass Trap (Acoustical Panels)
The Media Room gets Acoustic Room Treatment in the shape of 4 GiK 244 bass trap panels
432 EVO Music Server
A Music Server with a very special twist
Ricable Supreme AI HDMI
Active HDMI cable offering superb performance at any length
Leema Elements DAC
Highly versatile and unfailingly musical USB DAC
Ricable Supreme Loudspeaker Cable
Excellent performer with a friendly price tag
Mad Scientist Ceramic BlackPods
Footers that deviate positively from the established norm
Fusion Audio Power Cables
The Enchanter and Romance 2 are quite simply the most impressive power cables I have heard
Krell section added to CD Mechanism Masterpieces
Oh how fondly I remember the 80's and 90's for the beautifully overengineered hifi equipment that was produced in that time. Also marvel at the best transports of Accuphase, Burmester, Linn, Meridian, Marantz, Mark Levinson, Pioneer, Sony, Teac/Esoteric and of course Wadia.
Rowland Components added to the JRDG Database
Daemon super integrated amplifier, Phono Stage II, New 2015 phono stage
B&O CD Players added to Digital Classics
CD-X and CD-7000
Apogee Diva Review updated
Comparing to original crossovers and experiments with Toe-In
Qobuz versus Spotify
Spotify has been around for some time and is well known. Relative newcomer Qobuz offers higher sound quality. How do they compare?
AudioAanZee Reference Flow
Successor to the Ultra Flow, the Reference Flow not only improves on its predecessor, but it also beats my long standing digital reference.
Roon Labs Music Server/Database/Music Player software
After releasing Sooloos and working with Meridian, the people behind this industry standard setting software have now gone solo, and have just released an exciting new product.
Sneak Peek: Clarisys Magnetostatic Speakers
Normally I don't publish any info on anything until the review or article is ready, but this is the exception that confirms the rule.
Accuphase DC-37 DAC
A lavishly finished DAC, inheriting the technology of the DC-901 and DP-720
Jeff Rowland model 525 stereo power amplifier
Successor to the model 201 mono's, the model 525 using new Pascal technology offers the same power in a more compact package
Mamba Audio PowerBlast powercable
Immaculately finished powercable capable of injecting a superbly luxurious feel of majestic smoothness into any audio component
Accuphase E-260 integrated amplifier
Judging from this latest model's performance, the German audio magazines had it right all along: Accuphase integrated amps do indeed set the standard in their category.
New chapters in my ever-evolving audio setup:
Audio History 9
Audio History 10

Devialet 120 and 200 hybrid class A/class D amplifiers
Stunningly refined and musical amps with full configurability, modern interfacing and power to spare
PART 2 added - Devialet 120 and 200 hybrid class A/class D amplifiers
Added a direct comparison between 120 and 200, as well as an assessment of Air over WiFi, Air over ethernet and USB