Inside Pics of classic Philips and Marantz CD players premium
These Marantz and Philips CD players with their massive cast-iron swing-arm glass-lense mechanisms still produce excellent sound and are virtually indestructible. Here's a look inside some of the most interesting models.
The almost complete Philips CDM range of Swing Arm CD Mechanisms premium
When CD was introduced around 1982, Philips' CDM transports were made extremely well, to the point of being almost over-engineered.
Philips CD player Timeline premium
Timeline overview of the large majority of classic Philips CD players.
Philips CD player DAC chipset and transport list premium
The most complete Philips DAC/Transport Mechanism overview available, courtesy of Vasiltech.
7 August 2009
HFA Audio Setup History 04 – Maximum Expansion! premium
The main picture above shows the complete setup as it was on december 2008. Individual component changes aside, the setup ‘s main components remained unchanged until 2009 and many reviews were written using this system. From left to right:  Martin Logan SL3 hybride electrostatic speakers, Rel Quake II subwoofers mostly for surround, Jeff Rowland model […]
Classic Philips and Marantz CD Player Comparison premium
These oldies perform way beyond expectation and even have some special qualities that are rare in digital!
12 October 2002
Philips DCC 900 – Quick Impression premium
After having had so many problems with the Sony DTC57ES and 59ES DAT recorders I went with DCC...