Martin Logan

HFA Audio Setup History 26 – Speakers So Far – Aug 2017 premium
If all my experiments over the years have tought me one thing then it is that amplifier and speaker performance is highly relative.
Martin Logan Ethos premium
These speakers play music with such a high level of coherence and such utter transparency that they might make it hard for you to return to normal dynamic speakers.
16 May 2016
HFA Audio Setup History 21 – Secondary Setup – May 2016 to August 2016 premium
Martin Logans, like any dipole speaker, need lots of space around them The listening section of my secondary listening room is only 4 meters wide, but with careful positioning of the speakers I have been able to get excellent bass out of them with seemingly ruler-flat response, much better in that respect than in the […]
Musings on Munich High End 2016 premium
This is the first time I write about Munich High End. As always I tend to write about what interests me personally, so please don’t consider the below to be a complete cross-section of the complete exhibition, or even an unbiased report, although I do try…:-) 2016 marks my second visit and once again I enjoyed […]
8 May 2010
HFA Audio Setup History 05 – Simplification premium
The below article still contains some Dutch language, but fear not: the article is in English from the second half down! I was sure of it: the Rowlands had to go. They were set aside but I had not yet sold them. Meanwhile I had bought a McIntosh MA6900 integrated amp. How simple could an audio […]
4 December 2009
Electrostatic and Magnetostatic Speakers premium
Electrostatic speakers and Magnetostatic speakers both are planar dipoles, and they both tend to be flat and large. But there's a lot more to know about the technical principles behind these speakers. Some interesting reading, I promise!
Magnepan MG 3.6R premium
MG3.6R Planar Magnetostatic Speakers, compared to Martin Logan SL3 Electrostatic Speakers
7 August 2009
HFA Audio Setup History 04 – Maximum Expansion! premium
The main picture above shows the complete setup as it was on december 2008. Individual component changes aside, the setup ‘s main components remained unchanged until 2009 and many reviews were written using this system. From left to right:  Martin Logan SL3 hybride electrostatic speakers, Rel Quake II subwoofers mostly for surround, Jeff Rowland model […]
19 November 2005
HFA Audio Setup History 03 – Rapid Evolution premium
The below article slipped through when I did the translation work from my native language Dutch to English years ago. It should still be translated but for now I can’t find the time… (to be translated to English) 2006. Sonus faber Amator 2 luidsprekers van een vriend op bezoek. Dit merk zet steevast een zeer […]
16 September 2005
HFA Audio Setup History 02 – The room needs attention, too premium
Pink current reading table, right bed side table and left surround speaker. In the back is the rear wall with drawers for electronics parts and a lot of CD’s. On the left is the rack of AV equipment and next to that the storage for audiomagazines. This storage system is under continuous development. When I’m […]