HFA Audio Setup History 26 – Speakers So Far – Aug 2017 premium
If all my experiments over the years have tought me one thing then it is that amplifier and speaker performance is highly relative.
21 December 2012
HFA Audio Setup History 08 – Music Server and Rack change premium
The above picture illustrates where we left off on the previous page, with no more room for the Meridian MD600. Once it seemed proven to me that integrated CD players invariably beat separate transport-DAC combos and that going by the results obtained so far, this also seems to extend to streaming (as evidenced by the […]
12 August 2011
HFA Audio Setup History 07 – Serious Streaming premium
While my Levinson 390S was away for repairs, I had an Ayre CD player on loan, and once again tried a bunch of Marantzes. This time not just any Marantz though: after concluding that the CD80 was nice enough as a transport but not great as an integrated player and trying the ancient CD74 and […]
B&W 800D premium
The iconic 800D is compared to its smaller brother Nautilus 804, the Magnepan MG3.6R, and the Synthese Floating 2
8 August 2010
HFA Audio Setup History 06 – Magnepans premium
August 2010. The setup is now completely and utterly tweaked to my liking and is configured in a perfect way. For the first time in a very long time I feel that I can live with the setup for a while without tweaking it… The main picture above shows the setup in its entirety. The […]
8 May 2010
HFA Audio Setup History 05 – Simplification premium
The below article still contains some Dutch language, but fear not: the article is in English from the second half down! I was sure of it: the Rowlands had to go. They were set aside but I had not yet sold them. Meanwhile I had bought a McIntosh MA6900 integrated amp. How simple could an audio […]
4 December 2009
Electrostatic and Magnetostatic Speakers premium
Electrostatic speakers and Magnetostatic speakers both are planar dipoles, and they both tend to be flat and large. But there's a lot more to know about the technical principles behind these speakers. Some interesting reading, I promise!
Magnepan MG 3.6R premium
MG3.6R Planar Magnetostatic Speakers, compared to Martin Logan SL3 Electrostatic Speakers