The Big Turntable Comparison premium
Technics SL1210, Technics SL-7, Pioneer SL-L1000, Yamaha PX-2, Avid Volvere, Linn LP12 and Thorens TD160MKII.
Linn Sondek CD12 CD Player premium
Much like the Sonic Frontiers Transport 3, the CD12 is a real eyecatcher.
11 October 2012
CD Mechanism Masterpieces – Linn premium
Linn is known perhaps most for its legendary LP12 turntable, but their CD12 also has made quite a name for itself
9 October 2012
CD Mechanism Masterpieces premium
Remember when CD players were built immaculately and used heavy, smoothly operating CD mechanisms?
Meridian 818 DAC/Pre/Network Player premium
The very best Meridian Sooloos Streaming Audio.
Linn majik network player premium
Since I will probably not review the Majik myself, it might be interesting for prospect buyers to read another owner's findings here.
Linn Klimax DS/1 network player premium
The new Dynamik power supply and a newly designed circuitboard make sure that the Klimax DS stays on top.
Meridian Sooloos MD600 and MS600 premium
After being so enthusiastic about the MC200 and almost having purchased one, I decided to first review its bigger brothers.
Naim NDX, CDX2, DAC and XPS2 premium
After being so enthusiastic about the UnitiQute and Uniti, I was curious to find out how much more there would be in the Naims higher up on the scale.
Wadia S7i CD Player premium
Wadia S7i is compared to the Wadia 861, PS Audio PWD MKII and Linn Klimax DS/0.
MKII Upgrade for the PS Audio PWD premium
An upgrade that positively transforms the PWD.
Linn Klimax DS Network Player premium
The Klimax DS/0 was the first high end music streamer.
26 December 2011
WAV and Tagging premium
WAV or AIFF files may appear to have tags when they are accessed through applications such as iTunes and Winamp, but in fact the data may only reside in these apps' database, because they don't actually write tags to these files themselves.
Musical Fidelity Clic premium
Comparable in size to the Naim UnitiQute, the Musical Fidelity Clic promises even wider compatibility, albeit without built in amplifier.
18 September 2011
USB Audio – Synchronous / Asynchronous premium
There are a couple of methods for sending audiodata over an usb cable. Here's an explanation of the principles behind them and the advantages of one over another.
12 August 2011
HFA Audio Setup History 07 – Serious Streaming premium
While my Levinson 390S was away for repairs, I had an Ayre CD player on loan, and once again tried a bunch of Marantzes. This time not just any Marantz though: after concluding that the CD80 was nice enough as a transport but not great as an integrated player and trying the ancient CD74 and […]
24 August 2010
Treble premium
Open, airy, rolled-off, dark, edgy etc, there is a lot to say about the high frequencies, but this is easily misinterpreted
24 December 2009
PC Audio versus High End CD Player premium
Can PC Audio compete with a high end cd player?