Esoteric X03 SE SACD Player premium
CD/SACD player with VRDS-NEO drive and tank-like build.
15 October 2012
CD Mechanism Masterpieces – Teac / Esoteric premium
Teac, the brand most famous for their VRDS drives issues their top products under the Esoteric monicker and the VRDS-Neo really is something to behold.
9 October 2012
CD Mechanism Masterpieces premium
Remember when CD players were built immaculately and used heavy, smoothly operating CD mechanisms?
9 July 2010
SACD and DSD premium
SACD promised even more perfect sound forever. It was hoped that it would replace CD and revitalize the music market. Alas it did not, but the DSD format is still around. Here are my thoughts on the subject.