dCS Elgar – Quick Impression premium
dCS was largely responsible for the upsampling rage
dCS P8 SACD Player premium
P8 - dCS' first all in one SACD player.
7 August 2009
HFA Audio Setup History 04 – Maximum Expansion! premium
The main picture above shows the complete setup as it was on december 2008. Individual component changes aside, the setup ‘s main components remained unchanged until 2009 and many reviews were written using this system. From left to right:  Martin Logan SL3 hybride electrostatic speakers, Rel Quake II subwoofers mostly for surround, Jeff Rowland model […]
16 December 2008
Recording LP’s: digital or analog? premium
When recording LP's, what sounds better? Digitized or recorded analog?
21 June 2008
Upsampling explained using dCS Delius + Purcell premium
Upsampling explained by means of two reference dCS components: Delius DAC and Purcell upsampler.
Classic Philips and Marantz CD Player Comparison premium
These oldies perform way beyond expectation and even have some special qualities that are rare in digital!
19 November 2005
HFA Audio Setup History 03 – Rapid Evolution premium
The below article slipped through when I did the translation work from my native language Dutch to English years ago. It should still be translated but for now I can’t find the time… (to be translated to English) 2006. Sonus faber Amator 2 luidsprekers van een vriend op bezoek. Dit merk zet steevast een zeer […]