Metrum Pavane – Quick Impression premium
Non Oversampling DAC with a clever design
Leema Elements DAC premium
It wasn't until very recently when I heard a Leema DAC in a friend's setup, and it was playing so effortlessly musically, that I felt it deserved an in-depth review in my own setup.
Naim UnitiQute Network Player and Amplifier premium
The UnitiQute is a smaller version of the Uniti, minus the CD player, but lacking none of its bigger brother's functionality.
Ayre CX7 CD Player premium
The CX7 was meant as a temporary replacement for my defective Levinson 390s. Soundwise the two players couldn't be more different.
1 December 2010
Ayre QB-9 premium
Asynchronous USB signal transfer and high end DAC solution in a compact and pretty package
26 October 2010
Computer Audio part 5 – Playback Applications premium
Mac compared to PC, two iTunes sound enhancements and a range of DA-converters and USB interfaces