Show Reports

15 December 2017
Chattelin Audio Systems Master of Sound event 2 premium
5.1 Demo by Bert van der Wolf of Spirit of Turtle Alas, I could not attend this December 9 Demo. I much would have liked to as I know from the previous event how much fun it is, and also I am a huge fan of the Vivid speakers that were used. In order to […]
Enosound audioshow by Audio Club Premier premium
Exclusive audio presented in a truly titillating environment.
25 November 2017
Master of Sound event at Chattelin Audio Systems premium
Located in Den Haag (the Hague), Chattelin is one of the few upscale audio stores of the Netherlands. Besides selling audio equipment, they also organize very interesting shows under the moniker Master Of Sound. For this session Peter and Ben had invited Sander van der Heide, Mastering Engineer for the Wisseloord Studio's.
Munich High End 2017 Show Report premium
The Munich High End Exhibition is positively huge: there's so much to see that one really should take two days to properly see and hear everything.
Musings on Munich High End 2016 premium
This is the first time I write about Munich High End. As always I tend to write about what interests me personally, so please don’t consider the below to be a complete cross-section of the complete exhibition, or even an unbiased report, although I do try…:-) 2016¬†marks my second visit and once again I enjoyed […]
1 October 2017
XFi 2017 Show Report premium
I really have no excuse for not having done a show report of Xfi before, but rest assured that this installment marks the start of a yearly recurring series!