HFA Audio Setups

17 April 2017
Current Main HFA Audio Setup premium
Apogee Diva Magnetostatic Speakers, Jeff Rowland Corus + PSU Preamp with separate super capacitor based Power Storage Unit, Jeff Rowland Model 6 Mono Poweramps, Aurender N10 Music Server, Wadia 521 DAC,
26 August 2017
Current Secondary HFA Audio Setup premium
The all new secondary listening room spans the entire width of the appartment. The components in it can change at any time - that's precisely the point of this system: to be able to change anything for review purposes without having to tear apart my main system.
7 August 2005
HFA Audio Setup History 01 – The very beginning premium
In this section you’ll find the history of my personal audio setups as they evolved through the years. In the beginning it was just for fun but pretty soon the setups started to function as reference systems for judging other audio components’ performance. Main picture above: this must have been somewhere around 1976. This is […]
16 September 2005
HFA Audio Setup History 02 – The room needs attention, too premium
Pink current reading table, right bed side table and left surround speaker. In the back is the rear wall with drawers for electronics parts and a lot of CD’s. On the left is the rack of AV equipment and next to that the storage for audiomagazines. This storage system is under continuous development. When I’m […]
19 November 2005
HFA Audio Setup History 03 – Rapid Evolution premium
The below article slipped through when I did the translation work from my native language Dutch to English years ago. It should still be translated but for now I can’t find the time… (to be translated to English) 2006. Sonus faber Amator 2 luidsprekers van een vriend op bezoek. Dit merk zet steevast een zeer […]
7 August 2009
HFA Audio Setup History 04 – Maximum Expansion! premium
The main picture above shows the complete setup as it was on december 2008. Individual component changes aside, the setup ‘s main components remained unchanged until 2009 and many reviews were written using this system. From left to right:  Martin Logan SL3 hybride electrostatic speakers, Rel Quake II subwoofers mostly for surround, Jeff Rowland model […]
8 May 2010
HFA Audio Setup History 05 – Simplification premium
The below article still contains some Dutch language, but fear not: the article is in English from the second half down! I was sure of it: the Rowlands had to go. They were set aside but I had not yet sold them. Meanwhile I had bought a McIntosh MA6900 integrated amp. How simple could an audio […]
8 August 2010
HFA Audio Setup History 06 – Magnepans premium
August 2010. The setup is now completely and utterly tweaked to my liking and is configured in a perfect way. For the first time in a very long time I feel that I can live with the setup for a while without tweaking it… The main picture above shows the setup in its entirety. The […]
12 August 2011
HFA Audio Setup History 07 – Serious Streaming premium
While my Levinson 390S was away for repairs, I had an Ayre CD player on loan, and once again tried a bunch of Marantzes. This time not just any Marantz though: after concluding that the CD80 was nice enough as a transport but not great as an integrated player and trying the ancient CD74 and […]
21 December 2012
HFA Audio Setup History 08 – Music Server and Rack change premium
The above picture illustrates where we left off on the previous page, with no more room for the Meridian MD600. Once it seemed proven to me that integrated CD players invariably beat separate transport-DAC combos and that going by the results obtained so far, this also seems to extend to streaming (as evidenced by the […]
14 May 2013
HFA Audio Setup History 09 – Cinema Setup premium
Cinema setup – before the room was to be combined with the bedroom, computer room and hallway I used to have a small but dedicated room for all video purposes. This prevented having a TV in the livingroom that interferes with the audio system. The bonus was that the cinema is very well damped and […]
14 May 2013
HFA Audio Setup History 10 – Bedroom Setup premium
Bedroom system – before the room was to be combined with the cinema room, computer room and hallway The bedroom double-functioned as 2nd TV room at the time. Pretty unneccesary really, but I still had the TV as a leftover from the previous house so I went and installed it in the tiny bedroom. Like […]
14 December 2013
HFA Audio Setup History 11 – Media Room v1 premium
Transitional change – Bedroom turns Media Room For a short while, I moved the bed to the cinema room, keeping the video components intact for the time being. This was done to empty the small former bedroom to function solely as a computer media room so that the computer setup could be removed from the […]
3 March 2014
HFA Audio Setup History 12 – Breaking down the walls – March 2014 premium
After having turned the former bedroom into a Media Room I started feeling trapped in the small space. As I work long days behind the computer I felt it important to feel at ease in the space around me. After all, that is why I decided to make a dedicated room for this! To add […]
18 April 2014
HFA Audio Setup History 13 – Media Room v2 premium
The Media Room v1 was just finished and looked great, but I didn’t feel at home in it. As I spend large amounts of time here, I felt it important to feel well while working. That’s why I decided to break down the walls as can be read in the previous chapter. The new Media […]
26 July 2015
HFA Audio Setup History 14 – Media Room v3 – Jan 2015 premium
Wadia 121 connected to the PC using a KingRex uART USB cable, and standard DAP XLR cables (experiments will surely follow…) to the active Genelec 8050 monitors. On these photos the room seems narrow, but it is actually 4 meters wide, and 7 meters deep. Wadia 121 – used as the hub of this system: […]
4 December 2014
HFA Audio Setup History 15 – Main System – Late 2014 premium
Turntables! One of the latest incarnations of the system, right before I changed the entire room. Thanks to the extra Artseania Turntable Platforms, there is room for 2 turntables and their associated pre-pre’s – the rest of them are on a separate table. I had built a separate Turntable-table, to give my the remainder of […]
19 January 2015
HFA Audio Setup History 16 – Main System – Jan 2015 premium
Speakers at the other side of the room After a quick experiment it was evident that I have had the speakers on the wrong side of the room for years! The wrong side for optimal sound, that is. The long wall looked nice and spacious behind the system and I always thought that more air […]