Digital Info

28 December 2016
“Digital” Switching Class D or Class T amplifiers premium
Although called digital amps by many people, most "digital" amps aren't digital at all.
20 October 2009
Audible Differences Among CD Transports premium
I'll say it right here: there are quite large differences in sound amongst CD transports. Yes, even when you only use the digital output, still you can hear differences in speed, attack, fluidity.
Bliss premium
Super-handy Music Library Tagging Program
CD Ripping premium
Sometimes I come across things in the wonderful world of audio that drive me nuts.
5 June 2009
CD Transport + DAC or Integrated Player? premium
As always, both methods have their own advantages, but there is one unique clear advantage to taking the integrated player route.
25 July 2010
Computer Audio – SSD versus HDD premium
This may be hard to believe but the type of drive also has an influence on the sound.
21 December 2009
Computer Audio part 1 – The Basics premium
The possibilities are endless and may make the beginning audiophile or musiclover unsure about the next step to take
8 May 2009
Computer Audio part 2 – File Formats premium
Computer audio files exist in many forms which differ in quality, but it also matters which application is used to create them and play them back with. Sounds incredible? Read on!
16 December 2008
Computer Audio part 3 – External Audio Interfaces premium
How to get high quality audio in and out of your PC, USB versus Firewire and some more background info
16 June 2009
Computer Audio part 4 – Weiss DAC2 premium
Introducing the Weiss Dac2 Firewire Interface and DAC.
26 October 2010
Computer Audio part 5 – Playback Applications premium
Mac compared to PC, two iTunes sound enhancements and a range of DA-converters and USB interfaces
Computer Audio part 6 – Perspective premium
Genelec 8050 and Wadia 121 with a Computer Source in the secondary setup.
2 April 2009
Digital Cables compared – AES/EBU, Coax,Toslink and ST Glass premium
Do digital cables really make a difference in sound? And if so, what are the differences?
25 August 2011
Influence of the Music File location premium
The physical medium on which your music files are stored has an influence on the sound when played back from it.
24 August 2010
Kernel Streaming premium
What is Kernel Streaming and why do you need it?
9 May 2012
Kernel Streaming for Winamp 5 premium
It is widely known that kernel streaming is the way to go in order to obtain the best sound.
24 December 2010
Lossless Audio (FLAC) premium
Lossless computer audio file formats such as FLAC are technically lossless indeed. But do they sound the same as a WAV?
18 November 2012
Music Server Placement and the influence of Network Cable and Switches premium
Even a music server turns out to be sensitive to its placement