HFA offers two banner placement packages to choose from

Option 1 – XXL Banner Package – Big Impact

Article XXL Banner_550pix

Above: XXL Banner in normal browser view

Front Page Large Leaderboard Banner_550pix

Above: alternate Large Leaderboard Banner in Mobile browser view

Article Sidebar Banners_550pix

Above: Sidebar Banners in normal browser view

More information

The XXL Banner Package provides 3 different banner positions: a page-wide XXL banner, a Large Leaderboard banner and a Sidebar banner.

The XXL banner spans the entire website width and is displayed prominently at the very top of all pages. The alternate Leaderboard banner is selected automatically in place of the XXL banner when viewed on mobile devices with a narrow browser width. These two banners are part of a carroussel that displays all the banners randomly with equal exposure. The sidebar banner is permanently displayed in random order in the right hand sidebar next to each article.

Sizes and Formats:

XXL banner
size: 1140 x 140 pixels
Format: PSD, PNG, JPG

Large Leaderboard banner
size: 720 x 300 pixels
Format: PSD, PNG, JPG

Sidebar banner
size: 290 x 140 pixels
Format: PSD, PNG, GIF


Option 2 – Sidebar Banner Package – Highly Affordable

Article Sidebar Banners_550pix

Above: Sidebar Banners in normal browser view


Above: Sidebar Banners in Mobile browser view, at end of article

More information

The Sidebar Banner Package provides 2 positions for the same banner. Sidebar banners are normally shown prominently in the right hand Sidebar next to each article, in a random order. When viewed on mobile devices with a narrow browser width, the banners are shown at the end of the article under the comments section. For visibility at the top of articles on mobile devices, select the XXL banner package.

Size and Format:

Sidebar Banner

Size: 290 x 140 pixels
Format: PSD, PNG, JPG, GIF


Generic info:

While native format delivery is preferred, delivery of larger, deviating formats may be possible, please ask for specifics. Resizing, if any, is done proportionally. Pricing info is available on request.