Cardas Magnepan Jumpers versus
regular OFC jumpers on Magnepan speakers
These jumpers do a lot for the sound

I'm sure that anyone would agree that they can make an audible difference but you probably wouldn't say that these short cables would do an awful lot, right? Well, they do. They really transform the sound. And mostly for the better. But I'm not entirely happy yet. Read on!

-Current Setup


-Compensate or stimulate?

Christiaan Punter

Basic stereo set: 2 for the bass panels and 2 for the mid/high panels.
The standard OFC litze speaker cables that I used until now. Normally the filter boxes are attached directly to the speaker by means of metal plugs. The previous owner, like many Magnepan owners, had decoupled the filter box from the speaker and applied the simple jumper cables you see here. It is 10mm2 fine litze.
Early results

Comprised from Golden Reference cable, these jumpers should sound a lot different from the standard OFC wire I use between filterbox and speaker. Normally the filterboxes are attached straight to the speaker by means of solid metal connectors. Many people disconnect them to place them separate from the speaker. But what cable will you then use? As it turns out, the Cardas jumpers have much better bass, both fuller and more tuneful and articulated, very nice. The mid frequencies is another area in which Cardas usually excells and they do so here, too: more liveliness and an overall more acoustical feel.

Overall, I feel that they provide an absolutely valid upgrade and also very good value for money. Cardas cables don't usually come this cheap!

But where they are less than the simple OFC wires is in the treble which is noticeably more shut in and less ariy now. I'm giving them more time to acclimatise and run in and will update this review if I feel that they have improved in this area. I will also experiment with using a mix of Cardas on the bass and regular OFC on the treble.

Argh. As always in audio, there seems to be a tradeoff. But now that I have heard how good the bass can be, there is probably no turning back to the simple OFC cables. Let's see if I can tweak the system to compensate for the slight loss of HF air. Now where did I leave that Shakti Stone again?

Stay tuned for updates.



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