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Slant 8

Slant 8

The Slant 8 was the effective replacement for the Centaur Major, even if it was slightly less tall. The woofer is an 8"  Vifa which is positioned 39" from the floor, hidden behind a grille cloth that covers most of the front face. (the grille cloth is not easily removed without a special service tool). The woofer's front slot-loaded box tapers from top to bottom and is very rigidly constructed. Input is via two pairs of binding posts, so bi-wiring or bi-amping is possible. A toggle switch on the rear adjusts the woofer output up or down by 2 dB. The speaker comes with a set of four spikes and matching screw-in sockets in the base.


Deeper bass extension and a ore dynamic sound with excellent impact.

Ribbons have suspension control to allow louder playback levels with lower distortion

Slanted cabinets reduce internal standing waves for cleaner bass and midrange

Slanted cabinets provide the ribbon midrange with a trapezoidal rear acoustic path for smoother midrange treble response

Seamless crossovers assure a wide stable sound stage with excellent image depth

Most important specifications:

- 1994-1998
- Original Retail $3995
- Height 151 cm
- Width 44.4 cm
- Impedance 4-6 ohms

Further details:

Bass driver
8" dynamic cone woofer

40" dipole aluminium ribbon

Max Sound Level
107db @ 4 meters

Sensitivity @ 3m

Frequency response
26Hz to over 25kHz

Crossover frequency

Suggested amp power
100Wpc min 200Wpc max (8ohms)

120lbs each

Finishes available
Black or Taupe Sand


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